Public speaking is daunting. Some people tend to shy away from it. Some people will go to different lengths just to avoid it. What most of us don’t know is, it is possible to become a compelling speaker without going through elaborate speech courses.

The secret is about tapping into who you really are and becoming comfortable with yourself, even in the presence of other people. I learned this through Corissa.

Corissa Saint Laurent is an awesome professional motivational speaker and coach for the Hear Me Roar Program.

It’s an amazing online program that encourages women to use the power of their voice to enhance their life and business. Here, I get to share some principles of Corissa’s training, for free!

Imagine Your Audience Is…

I’ve heard this a million different ways.

“In order to speak better in public, imagine that your audience is a bunch of coconut trees.” “To overcome your fear, imagine that they are all naked.”

Ugh! Puh-lease…

“Love and Acceptance”

From my interview with Corissa, I realized that these are two things that we always strive to achieve and to give. We are so driven by external successes that we oftentimes forget to give these things to ourselves first.

To do this, tap into who you are. Accept who you are and love that person.

When done this way, we eliminate all insecurities and we are able to give wholeheartedly.

This made sense to me. If I am comfortable with who I am, shortcomings and all, I never have to worry about acceptance from others. I should be enough, right?

“Becoming better means going deep into your soul to find what you want and what you’re made of,” Corissa once said.

Being vulnerable and connected to who we are should always come first. This mindset allows us to be more genuine to the people we interact with. Before even getting to know who our audience should be, we have to know who we are first.

The Basics

1. Face Your Fear – Because we really need to dig deep into our souls, some people feel fear and apprehension. The idea is to acknowledge and conquer that fear in order to finally find the courage to move on and do things naturally. In terms of speaking in front of an audience, what is it that you fear? Rejection? Humiliation? Failure to deliver your speech? Judgement?

2. Changing Your Response – When we feel fear, we signal our body of impending danger or death. By telling our minds that nothing bad will happen, we will be able to take the next step. If you are afraid of speaking in public, telling yourself that it’s okay, and that rejection from your audience does not mean the end, will subconsciously help you alleviate that feeling.

In a nutshell, speaking better in public means learning how to speak to an audience without fear. Once you erase all fear, you will get a sense of relief and relaxation. And when do we tend to talk more? When we are relaxed and feeling much like ourselves. It probably won’t hurt to take a shot of whiskey or a sip of wine…just don’t tell anyone.

From Meowing To Roaring

As you have probably gleaned by now, the Hear me Roar Program Program begins with a process of self discovery. It will challenge all the ways you have been acting, thinking and feeling.

It will teach you how to connect to the heart of who you are and find your center. And from that center, you will find the freedom to express yourself.

For anyone who is interested, an exclusive course discount is revealed in my podcast episode with Corrisa: Episode 15 – Reclaim Your Roar!

It’s our very first exclusive offer and I’m so excited to be able to offer these to you!

More to come!