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From Burned Out to ON FIRE!


Are you sick, tired, feeling like you’ve hit the wall? We’ve all been there, but we don’t have to experience the terrible feeling again. No one deserves to feel the effects of perpetual sacrifice and stress and burnout. Karrie Brazaski of Redwood Executive Coaching is well acquainted with burnout herself. As a nurse for 29 years and a hospital administrator for 15 years, she noticed that as demands and duties increased, her level of support and resources decreased. Karrie realized that the first step to conquering burnout is realizing that sometimes you [...]

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How To Speak Better in Public: The Fiercest Coaching Program Ever


Public speaking is daunting. Some people tend to shy away from it. Some people will go to different lengths just to avoid it. What most of us don’t know is, it is possible to become a compelling speaker without going through elaborate speech courses. The secret is about tapping into who you really are and becoming comfortable with yourself, even in the presence of other people. I learned this through Corissa. Corissa Saint Laurent is an awesome professional motivational speaker and coach for the Hear Me Roar Program. It’s an amazing online program [...]

How To Speak Better in Public: The Fiercest Coaching Program Ever2022-03-28T15:23:41+00:00
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