I’m not me without:


My incredible husband, who has been by my side since our high school prom(!!), and our three beautiful daughters, Angelica, Marisol, and Gabriela.

I’m not me without:2022-03-25T17:28:45+00:00

The proudest moment of my life:


Is probably a tie between the birth of my children and winning a school-wide T-Shirt Design contest in third grade. (Don’t laugh — it was a really good t-shirt design.)

The proudest moment of my life:2022-03-25T17:28:23+00:00

The people around me would say I’m:


Stubborn. Like, “I took one college class at a time for twelve years to finish my Bachelor’s Degree while raising my 3 daughters”-level stubborn.

The people around me would say I’m:2022-03-25T17:05:15+00:00
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