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Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Heal to Go Beyond


Self-care isn’t usually the first thing we talk about in the business world. It’s often been more about the hustle & grind, and the courage & determination required to start a business. After all, these things stretch us out of our comfort zones. Yet that is precisely the same reason we need more self-care as entrepreneurs and leaders.Luckily, the self-care movement is growing and spreading every day. People are starting to recognize that self-care is neither selfish nor is it a luxury. They know that making time for renewal will create [...]

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Heal to Go Beyond2022-03-28T15:22:45+00:00

Overcome Perfectionism to Break Through Your Limits


Remember that cliche where people mention perfectionism as their weakness in a job interview? It’s actually a sign of how pervasive it is in our culture, and how common it is in our human experience. It seems like the “safe” answer because perfectionists are strongly driven to create excellent work, so it would seem like a good weakness to have. But in reality, this shouldn’t impress anyone, because it’s one thing to have an intent, and another thing to actually act on it.The real reason perfectionism is considered a weakness is because it cripples us [...]

Overcome Perfectionism to Break Through Your Limits2022-03-28T15:22:56+00:00

Finding the Clear Path to Kate’s Joy


Kate Johnson has just found the clear path towards what resonates most with her soul, and I couldn’t be happier to support her! She is passionate about spreading happiness through baking. Her business, Kate’s Kitchen Seattle initially started as a monthly cookie subscription service, but has also expanded to cakes and cupcakes to make those events and occasions extra special. But before she doubled down on the path she truly wanted, she had been feeling quite stuck. So she took up Clear Path Consulting with me to help her determine her next best [...]

Finding the Clear Path to Kate’s Joy2022-03-28T15:23:09+00:00

How to Delegate and Get Sh*t Done


Don’t you just absolutely want to get shit done right now? At some point in time, delegating stops being a thing to debate about. It’s an idea that scares the people who’ve never done it. But that’s usually because they don’t really know how to delegate the right way. So would you want to do it if you had a detailed guide that can make things even just a tad easier? Now, you’ve heard about the many benefits of delegating. More time, greater productivity, less stress, better health, better relationships, the growth [...]

How to Delegate and Get Sh*t Done2022-03-28T15:22:04+00:00

Why You Need to Delegate


Delegation requires the ability to effectively manage and lead other people, which certainly isn’t easy. Then again, most things worth doing aren’t easy. So, why delegate? Let me tell you, delegation is extremely worth it for your business. Not only can you not do everything by yourself, you just really shouldn’t! With the increasing demands of your ever-growing business, you’d just burn yourself out if you did. And talk about missing out on the chance to grow exponentially when you have a team full of amazing, talented people inspired through your vision. Maybe you’re [...]

Why You Need to Delegate2022-03-28T15:23:19+00:00

From Burned Out to ON FIRE!


Are you sick, tired, feeling like you’ve hit the wall? We’ve all been there, but we don’t have to experience the terrible feeling again. No one deserves to feel the effects of perpetual sacrifice and stress and burnout. Karrie Brazaski of Redwood Executive Coaching is well acquainted with burnout herself. As a nurse for 29 years and a hospital administrator for 15 years, she noticed that as demands and duties increased, her level of support and resources decreased. Karrie realized that the first step to conquering burnout is realizing that sometimes you [...]

From Burned Out to ON FIRE!2022-03-28T15:23:30+00:00

How To Speak Better in Public: The Fiercest Coaching Program Ever


Public speaking is daunting. Some people tend to shy away from it. Some people will go to different lengths just to avoid it. What most of us don’t know is, it is possible to become a compelling speaker without going through elaborate speech courses. The secret is about tapping into who you really are and becoming comfortable with yourself, even in the presence of other people. I learned this through Corissa. Corissa Saint Laurent is an awesome professional motivational speaker and coach for the Hear Me Roar Program. It’s an amazing online program [...]

How To Speak Better in Public: The Fiercest Coaching Program Ever2022-03-28T15:23:41+00:00

Self-Care So You Can Care For Others: A Quick Guide


I am guilty of taking extended work hours and scheduling back to back meetings. I am guilty of feeling stressed and tired. But what I am most guilty of is the feeling of not having enough time for my family and myself. Recently, I had a talk with an amazing woman, Dr. Jerrica Dodd, who has helped me realize one thing so obvious that we tend to ignore it: SELF CARE. What is Self Care and Why Do We Often Disregard It? “Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to [...]

Self-Care So You Can Care For Others: A Quick Guide2022-03-28T15:23:52+00:00

The Best Way to Get Gary Vaynerchuck to Guest in Your Show


I’ve got hopes and dreams like everybody else. I dream of building my own empire and captivating the hearts of those around me. I dream of uninterrupted baths and 8-hour sleeps. In those dreams, I work and work and work. And I continue to dream while awake. On top of all this, I dream of a happy life for my family. I am a mother, a wife and my family always comes first. This is my hustle. It’s no wonder how this man has resonated with this aspect of my [...]

The Best Way to Get Gary Vaynerchuck to Guest in Your Show2022-03-28T15:24:03+00:00
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