February Reflections

It's mid-February, and a stressful time for most college-bound high school seniors awaiting their college acceptances. I feel their nervousness. As I stand by, ready to help them make their final decisions, I can't help but reflect on how I got started in this business of helping young people launch lives they love.

I fell in love with the college essay at the same time I fell out of love with teaching in the traditional classroom. Typically paired with high school juniors, I started teaching English to seniors in 2014. And, almost immediately, I knew my professional future was about to change – again.

This “calling” combines my love for the college process, working with teens in a meaningful way, and writing. That same year, while waiting in the pick up line at my sons’ elementary school, I began brainstorming business names – well before I left teaching and before I opened my coaching company in 2016. I made a list of possible names. “The Write Fit” shuffled to the top quickly. I remember texting my family for their opinions. Upbeat and complimentary, they liked my ideas and encouraged my latest passion.

That’s all I needed to take the leap. I do this work because I see it as a “sacred assignment.” I get to support and guide young people in the milestone moment of designing their best lives. I get to inspire, empower, and accelerate them!

I help teens believe in themselves and their dreams, to aspire to authentic achievements. I help teens feel aligned and encouraged. By spreading a high vibe and building “can do” mindsets, I help teens feel confident to see what is possible. And, we have fun doing it.

I see their trajectory before they do: high school graduation, entering college or the workforce, graduating college and then entering the workforce or graduate school, and advancing in their careers and personal lives. The start happens quickly, and accelerates exponentially. Students need to be prepared with a powerful portfolio and manifesting mindset.

My traditional teaching background lends itself perfectly to my new classroom: College essay coaching and career development counseling. I lead by listening and asking reflective questions to get my students to dig deep. My approach works. Sometimes, if my students feel they can't get started, I let them talk, and I type – their hopes and dreams. I love what I do. Working with teens reminds me of the first time I learned about freedom and getting to design my own future. I felt scared to be in the driver’s seat, without a map or GPS, and confused by the many challenges and choices. I hit overdrive too many times. I now work to help families navigate life after high school so teens can feel better supported as they start to imagine their big, bold new worlds.

What is your child’s big goal or aspiration after graduation? Let's help them get there. Join my upcoming webinars, brainstorm boot camps, and college essay academies. E-mail me to learn more or visit www.thewritefit.com.