“Audra was always available when I reached out to her. Not only for my main essay but for all of my supplements, too. My completed rough draft was upwards of 7,000 words. Audra’s calm demeanor and confidence led me to the final product of 647 words. Reading my final draft over, I could not be more satisfied with the piece!”

Brett B., High School Senior

“You removed so much parental stress from the college application, essay-writing process! As parents, we were hands-off! Our daughter, Hannah, assumed responsibility for meeting deadlines and making revisions, as she worked with you to craft her college essay.”

Lois and Chris, New Hartford Parents

“My favorite part of our collaboration was on the final day we met about my college essay. I walked in and it was choppy and I did not see how it was going to come together. But, we sat together for over an hour just working it out. We were both so proud of my essay that night, and that was an amazing feeling.

“Through this very stressful process, you somehow always helped me stay calm. I never stressed about my essay not being done in time or not being good enough because I knew I had your support, and that was extremely comforting. Your calm voice and reminder that I was doing a great job always boosted my confidence levels. You made me feel like the essay I wrote was amazing, and I never would have felt this otherwise.”


“I enjoyed the fact that you took the time to know me. While we spent a lot of time working on my essays, we also had many conversations about our personal lives and interests. You were personable and calming. This made the writing process less intense which had a positive impact on my writing, and my stress levels!”


“We read through Brett’s supplemental essays last night. Simply Awesome! Creative, heartwarming, unique and well written!! Audra, you were a perfect match for Brett! Your guidance and encouragement kept him going! His essay I could read all day long!”

Lisa, West Hartford Parent